Why does the Fair need sponsorship?

With the rising cost of events, it would be impossible to operate the fair without our sponsors. The money we collect from the gate would not cover one event at the fair.


Why doesn’t the fair collect money from food carts?

The Dundy County Fair is one of the biggest fundraising events for our community. The F-Clubs, (FFA, FBLA, FCCLA) Knights of Columbus, and Men’s Club all run booths to help fund activities for the year.


I don’t go to the Dundy County Fair regularly, why should I pay for a sponsorship?

Outside of the investment in philanthropy, sponsorships are tax deductible and a great source of advertising for you or your company. Your name will not only be broadcast at events but will also be on our webpage. Whenever someone goes to the website to buy a ticket, rent a building, or check events your name will be one of the first they see.


If I go to the Pre-Fair BBQ does the money go to the fair?

The money from the Pre-Fair BBQ is split between the Fair and Envision Benkelman. The fair uses the money to help with cost of the fair events. Envision Benkelman is a group who puts on events such as retirement planning, estate planning, and community investment meetings. They also have community improvement projects such as downtown revitalization and street lights.


If I decide to sponsor the fair, where will my money go?

All money that is received for the fair in the form of sponsorships, gate cost, or building rent is spread between all events. The Dundy County Fair has no paid employees so all money goes back to the betterment of the fair. We decide which events to host based on attendance.


There are no paid employees or managers of the fair?

The fair board consists of 12 volunteer members and fair week consists of hundreds of volunteers. We do not have a fair manager, so one hundred percent of sponsorship money goes to the fair and the goal of bettering the community.


Okay I am on board, where should I send my money?

All checks can be payable to Dundy County Ag Society and sent to:

David Spahn
70454 Hwy 61
Benkelman, NE 69021